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Ajinomoto Genexine Co.,Ltd.

Ajinomoto Genexine Co.,Ltd.

We have established joint venture company Ajinomoto Genexine Co.,Ltd. in Songdo district of Incheon Korea, a lot of bio pharmaceutical companies are located in and hottest media market in Asia. Providing product and service globally with high quality and reliability by cGMP manufacturing system and Ajinomoto group original QA/QC system "ASQUA".

Company profile

Name Ajinomoto Genexine Co.,Ltd.
Found 12th November 2012
Capital 35,700 MKRW
Shareholders Ajinomoto Co., Inc. 75%
Genexine, Inc. 25%
President Yuta Nakai
Business Manufacturing and sales of cell culture media and related products
Employees 48(As of November 2019)
Place 105, Jisikgiban-ro, Yeonsu-gu,Incheon,Korea (IFEZ Songdo district)

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Bioscience Products & Fine Chemicals

Research Institute For Bioscience Products & Fine Chemicals, our main R&D laboratory in Kawasaki, Japan. Over 300 researchers are seeking for new possibilities and solutions of amino acids

Ajinomoto AminoScience Business Area

Business development in areas around cutting-edge biomedical services


Cell Culture Media Business History

For more than 30 years, We have been providing our various services and products from laboratory to commercial scale globally.

Sales of amino acids for pharmaceuticals has started.
The first serum free media "ASF(Ajinomoto Serum Free)media" series has been launched.
Ajinomoto Genexine Co., Ltd. was established in Incheon, Korea as a manufacturing and sales company.
iPS/ES cell culture media "StemFit®" series, co-developped with Kyoto University, has been launched.
Flag ship product for CHO cell culture media "CELLiST™" series has been released.